1985 - The Day After [Model IS 0060]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 38 years ago by Mastertronic, Ltd.

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1985 - The Day After [Model IS 0060] screenshot

1985 - The Day After © 1985 Mastertronic, Ltd.

It is the day after, big brother has been destroyed and the earth has to learn how to survive on its own. You have been assigned to find the energy your planet needs to survive. The old republic stored nuclear plasma on four neighbouring planets. It is your mission to visit the twelve alien landscapes to retrieve it. Utilising the intricate controls of your small spacecraft you leave the space station base to collect all the nuclear pods from each planet. If you are successful, you qualify to finally collect the fusion core from the last most difficult cavern.


Model IS 0060


Developed by Severn Software.


Game's ROM.