Feline Sleepy

Amstrad CPC 6128 disk. published by Adventure Probe Soft.

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Feline Sleepy © 199? Adventure Probe Soft.

Your name is Jenny and you are taking a holiday touring England. Suddenly, in a quiet country road a deer dashes across in front of you. Shaken, you pull into a layby to calm your nerves. You must have fallen asleep as a whole hour has passed. You decide to check into the next hotel, so start driving. Before long you see a sign which reads CATNIP HOTEL. Turning in through the gateway you draw up in front of some imposing steps. As you get out of the car a man-sized cat dressed in porter's uniform comes towards you. Touching his cap he says "Would madam like me to park her car?" You nod dumbly, hand him the keys and watch him drive away..... Why does C. Ustard give you a strange look? Can you discover the reason why so many guests are unhappy, and then solve a lot of tricky puzzles to make it a very happy ending to the day?


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Feline Sleepy was originally released on the Spectrum.


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