1-2-3 Vendor

Vending Machine published 100 years ago by Simpson Co., R.D.

Impossible to emulate

1-2-3 Vendor © 1923 R.D. Simpson Company.

The Famous 1-2-3 Vendor.

The turn-table in this machine is interchangeable and you may easily convert your machine to vend the different combinations following:
STRAIGHT: One ball of gum for each penny.
DOUBLE VALUE: Two balls of gum for each penny.
PEN-NICK: One ball for each penny and five balls for each nickel.
1-2-3: One for the first penny, two for the second penny and three for the thrid penny.

Goodies for 1-2-3 Vendor
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Made of soft gray iron entirely nickel-plated (first copper plated). Heavy rubber feet.


The complete machine including 2000 balls of purer candy coated gum were sold $20 at its time of release.


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