007 - Everything or Nothing [Model DOL-GENE-USA]

Nintendo GameCube disc published 19 years ago by EA Games

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007 - Everything or Nothing © 2004 Electronic Arts.

EA has gone all out, casting Pierce Brosnan, Willem Dafoe, Shannon Elizabeth, Mya and Heidi Klum in Everything or Nothing, its latest 007 GCN game. They've even gone as far as hiring veteran Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, co-writer of Tomorrow Never Dies and GoldenEye, to concoct Everything or Nothing's gripping plot.

Everything or Nothing isn't just about star power -- it incorporates huge graphical and gameplay changes, one of the biggest of which is the switch from first-person to third-person view. Now your view is positioned behind the super-suave agent, giving you a more cinematic view of the action as you gun down henchmen and rappel off buildings.

Everything or Nothing offers a staggering variety of gameplay. Each mission has multiple methods of completion. The game features a significant number of vehicle missions. In addition to white-knuckle driving sequences, you'll even get a chance to pilot a well-armed chopper through a narrow canyon and an ancient temple packed with enemies. Complete difficult objectives to earn rewards like production photographs, player models and bigger and better gadgets.

In Everything or Nothing, MI6 pulls Bond away from his usual life of jet-setting around the world, sipping shaken martinis and enjoying high-stakes baccarat, to investigate the disappearance of a nanobot prototype from an Oxford University research laboratory. Bond specializes in thwarting the diabolical plans of international arch villains, and this time he'll be squaring off against ex-KGB agent Nikolai Diavolo (played by Willem Dafoe). EA has also brought back everyone's favorite iron-jawed giant, Jaws -- but don't expect a teary reunion between Bond and the big guy.

The quick-witted Q -- played by John Cleese -- provides a lorry-load of unforgettable high-tech boy's toys. You'll get access to gadgets like the coin grenade, grappling gun and even a Q-Spider field intelligence robot. Of course, Bond only drives the best, and this time gamers will have a crack at handing a Porsche Cayenne Turbo (conveniently tricked out with rockets and heavy machine guns), Triumph Daytona 600 street bike, and the essential British sports car -- an Aston Martin Vanquish.

007 travels to a wide variety of locations in Everything or Nothing, ranging from the French Quarter of New Orleans to Moscow's Red Square. And with knockout Bond girls like Shannon Elizabeth and Heidi Klum, Bond has ample opportunity to uphold his reputation as an international ladies man.

To complement the stunning single-player campaign, Everything or Nothing comes packed with a fun multiplayer component. The multiplayer modes include Race, Scramble and Arena. In Arena, the view switches to an overhead isometric view and players slug it out in a large chamber littered with weapons and traps.

After extensive hands-on play, it's clear that Everything or Nothing is the most exhilarating and cinematic 007 game ever released.

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This game was the first bond game to feature actual actors who could be realistically cast as their characters. It's also the first Bond game to use Pierce Brosnan's voice.

The multiplayer servers were shut down on January 13, 2006.


James Bond will return...
Featuring the voices of: Pierce Brosnan (James Bond), John Cleese (Q), Willem Dafoe (Nikolai Diavolo), Judi Dench (M), Heidi Klum (Katya Nadanova), Shannon Elizabeth (Serena St. Germaine), Misaki Ito (Q Assistant), Richard Kiel (Jaws), Mýa Marie Harrison (Mya Starling)
Title Song "Everything or Nothing" performed by: Mýa Marie Harrison
Title Song "Everything or Nothing" written by: Ron Fair, Mýa Marie Harrison, Randy Bugnitz

Executive Producer: Scot Bayless, Nicholas Earl

Senior Producer: Scott Bandy
Producer: Joel Wade
Associate Producers: Trevor Jalowitz, Erin Turner

Senior Producer: Scott Blackwood
Associate Producers: Jason DeLong, Al Escudero
Assitant Producers: Robert Davidson, Kristian von Ferson

Senior Development Director: Thomas Boyd, Scott Taylor
Development Director: Stephen Barry, Gordon Chen, Michael Condrey, Simon Ffinch
Engineering Manager: Gene Cook

Senior Development Director: Marcel Laforce
Franchise Development Director: Harry Ross
Development Director: Mark Little, Steve Martin
Technical Director: Brad Gour

Lead Engineer: Erik Strickland
Engineers: Daniel Burnash, David Chen, Nicholas Fullagar, Adam Gousetis, Garrett James, Chris Killpack, Andrew Lacey, James Petrick, Nathan Pooley, Yuri Syrov, Jason Yao, Stephen Yuen

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Development Assistant: Ashley Monif

Additional Engineering: Laurent Benes, Jeffrey Litz, Steve Timson, Kurt Reiner
Game-flow: Bryan Chan, Mark A. Fong, Masami Yamada
Quarium: Bart J. Besseling, David Blair

Sr. Level Designer: Wright Bagwell, Mike Daugherty
Level Designer: John Spitzer
Lead Artist: Stephen Tang
Software Engineer: Pratik Patel
Artist: Tyler Rockwell
Design: Dennis Tierney
Engineering: Dennis Tierney

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Designer / Art Manager: Chuck Beaver
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FX Artists: Jamie Kirschenbaum, Brian McSweeney
Video Post Production Editor/Designer: Scott Whitney

Art Director: Habib Zargarpour
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Lead Artist: Eduardo Agostini
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Lead UI Designer: Yukiko Arikawa
UI Designer: Alex Portilla
Pre-Rendered Cinematics: MondoMedia Inc.

Lead Character Artist: Darren Pattenden
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Manager Talent: Marci Galea
Coordinator, Talent Recording: Lisa Beard
Additional Voice Performances by: James Arnold Taylor, Tim Bentinck, Edita Brychta, Vladamir Cuk, Neil Dickson, Samantha Eggar, Alex Fernandez, Carlos Ferro, Marc Graue, Boris Krutonog, Vanessa Marshall, Kara Noble, Durato Puzio, Victor Raider Wexler, Scott Rummell Taylor, Keith Szarabajka
Music Composition: Sean Callery
Recorder At: POP Sound, SideUK London, Buttons Sound, Margerita Mix de Santa Monica
Special Thanks: Stas Bondarenko, Philip Campbell, Sean Cooper, Denon Comstock, Sylvain Doreau, Konrad Dunton, Joe Estes, Jon Horsley, Donald A. Mattrick, Jerry Bowerman, Nicholas Burke, Frank Faugno, Hanno Lemke, Inna Chastny Lisyansky, Peter Miller, Patrick Ratto, John Schappert, Greg Wellwood, Bruce E. McMillan, Michael Miller, Phillip Hamilton, Holly Ruark-Mesick, Jim Rushing, Steven Schnur, Colin Stiner
Mastering Lab Technicians: Michael Destine, Kenn Dubeau, Raphael DeLeon Eraña, Brett Henderson, Bill Person
Business Affairs: Paul Cairns, Sigrun Handle, Patrick J. O'Brien, Jennifer Tait
Vehicle Licensors: Lynne Wigram (Aston Martin Lagonda), Nikki Deen (Aston Martin Lagonda), Liz Ramaswamy (The Beanstalk Group Inc), Conny von Buehler (Dr. Inc. h.c.F. Porsche AG), Martin Limpert, Ian O'Reilly
Motion Capture: House Of Moves

Marketing Director: Jillian Goldberg
Product Manager: Don Mesa
US Marketing Team: Vyn Arnold, Brent Coyle, Noreen Dante, Hillary Dixon, Trey Geiger, Jonathan Long, Gaylene Nagel, Greg Roensch, Tara Samuels, Bill Scheppler, Doug Scott, Lauren Siegel Treichak
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Senior Counsel Copyrights & Trademarks: Michael Moore

Executive Vice President Music: Anita Camarata
Vice President Music: Jonathan Watkins

Executive Producer: Simon Mathew
Special Thanks: David Pope, Keith Snelgrove, Michael Tavares


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