:RUN Maker

Bally Astrocade type-in published 42 years ago by Guevara, Andy

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:RUN Maker © 1981 Guevara, Andy

The Bally BASIC :RUN command opens the tape input port and throws whatever characters come in into memory starting at address 4000 Hex (16384 Decimal), which is the first byte of screen RAM. As it loads, you can see it making tracks across the top of the screen.

:RUN Maker allows a machine language program, coded in hexadecimal, to be input and stored on tape. Once stored, all you gotta do is :INPUT and run the tape. Your program starts by itself.


Published in BASIC EXPRESS, THE 3, no. 2 (May/June 1981): 15-16.


Programmer: Andy Guevara