Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 35 years ago by Imagine Soft.

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Arkanoid screenshot

Arkanoid © 1987 Imagine Software

The era and time of this story is unknown. After the mothership Arkanoid was destroyed, a spacecraft Vaus scrambled away, only to be trapped in the void. You control the Vaus and have to penetrate 32 levels and then confront the "Dimension Changer" whom you must destroy in order to reverse time and resurrect the Arkanoid. Frantic action and split second timing combine to produce the most addictive and compulsive game.


On screen scoring displays current score, hi-score, number of lives remaining and level attained.

Points awarded are between 50 and 120 for knocking out a brick, depending on the colour. Collecting a capsule is 1000 and hitting an alien scores 100 points.

Extra lives are awarded for collecting the "P" capsules.


* The disruption capsule is of great use if your bolt is caught behind, or enclosed within, a wall.

* The laser is most useful to break down the bricks which require a number of hits.

* Using the very edge of your vaus to deflect the bolt will give you a much sharper angle - most useful for manoeuvring it into restrictive places.


Programmed by: Mike Lamb
Graphics by: Ronnie Fowles
Music by: Mark R. Jones
Produced by: D.C. Ward


Game's ROM.