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List of songs playables on this page:

01 - great spirit overture (opening theme).vgz02 - cursed destiny (visual scene 1).vgz03 - temptation of the devil (stage select).vgz04 - dance of flame (stage 1).vgz05 - avatar of flame (stage 1 boss).vgz06 - spirit of light (visual scene 2).vgz07 - like the wind (stage 2).vgz08 - roar of the monster (stage 2 boss).vgz09 - until the end of the earth (stage 3).vgz10 - evil beat (stage 3 boss).vgz11 - blood-stained lake (stage 4).vgz12 - specter living in the water (stage 4 boss).vgz13 - terror of the glacier (stage 5).vgz14 - calling on the dark dragon king (stage 5 boss).vgz15 - ring of light (visual scene 3).vgz16 - den of evil (stage 6).vgz17 - suspicious beauty (stage 6 boss).vgz18 - shudder of darkness (stage 7).vgz19 - fate (stage 7 boss).vgz20 - king garia revival (final boss).vgz21 - sorrowful requiem (ending theme).vgz22 - setting out (staff roll).vgz23 - ghost story of hell (continue).vgz24 - like a nightmare (game over).vgz