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List of songs playables on this page:

01 name input screen.vgz02 opening demo.vgz03 beginning beginning.vgz04 world thief tournament.vgz05 world thief tournament (in-game).vgz06 town of oedo.vgz07 private house.vgz08 shop.vgz09 department store & bell coupon showroom.vgz10 resurrection shop.vgz11 dungeon.vgz12 battle.vgz13 battle (no intro).vgz14 battle clear.vgz15 level up.vgz16 it morning.vgz17 found korezo-kun ~ dungeon.vgz18 world thief tournament player introduction.vgz19 large map.vgz20 lupon appears.vgz21 lupon appears ~ large map.vgz22 lupon appears (no intro).vgz23 lupon appears (no intro) ~ large map.vgz24 village.vgz25 camel travel.vgz26 pyramid.vgz27 lupon plan.vgz28 yorozu village.vgz29 donden taiko shop.vgz30 temple school.vgz31 ghosts appear! ~ temple school.vgz32 spirit medium ghost room.vgz33 boss appearance.vgz34 boss appearance (no intro).vgz35 boss battle.vgz36 boss battle (no intro).vgz37 please help me.vgz38 hot springs.vgz39 tower of babel.vgz40 western house + foreign ship.vgz41 simon appears.vgz42 town, harbor.vgz43 subgame.vgz44 case closed.vgz45 ship travel.vgz46 posan village, minato village.vgz47 devil forest.vgz48 a village with a problem.vgz49 a house with a problem.vgz50 noten ondo instruction part 1.vgz51 noten ondo instruction part 2.vgz52 noten ondo instruction part 3.vgz53 noten ondo.vgz54 ufo.vgz55 surprise ~ ufo.vgz56 inside the ufo.vgz57 warning ~ emergency.vgz58 emergency.vgz59 yakyuken outcome.vgz60 submarine.vgz61 land of oo.vgz62 3d maze + fortune telling hut.vgz63 princess yuri room.vgz64 antarctic research vessel travel.vgz65 hierun port, sappui village.vgz66 antarctic map.vgz67 ice palace, frost pillar house.vgz68 burning samba.vgz69 burning samba ~ antarctic map.vgz70 underground map.vgz71 a problem inside paya castle.vgz72 kuimonmon city paya kingdom.vgz73 kuimon city castle.vgz74 sugar palace.vgz75 papila summon.vgz76 papila travel.vgz77 above the clouds.vgz78 tobunbee travel.vgz79 magma swamp cave.vgz80 haduki appears.vgz81 bee whistle.vgz82 bee whistle ~ large map.vgz83 sidejob.vgz84 suspicious cave.vgz85 bridge to the moon.vgz86 moon map.vgz87 rabirabi village.vgz88 suprise ~ emergency.vgz89 ufo travel.vgz90 hope mountain.vgz91 wish jewel.vgz92 final boss.vgz93 final boss (no intro).vgz94 epilogue part 1.vgz95 epilogue part 2.vgz96 staff roll.vgz97 game over.vgz98 gradius coin sound.vgz99 fanfare.vgz