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List of songs playables on this page:

01 overture.vgz02 intermezzo.vgz03 minuet.vgz04 solitary warrior.vgz05 town.vgz06 cave of fear.vgz07 important item discovery.vgz08 chapter 1 ending.vgz09 princess alena adventure.vgz10 mysterious shrine.vgz11 colosseum dressing room.vgz12 colosseum stand.vgz13 battle for the glory.vgz14 victory.vgz15 level up.vgz16 chapter 2 ending.vgz17 arms merchant toruneko.vgz18 save.vgz19 a pleasant casino.vgz20 jackpot.vgz21 big jackpot.vgz22 super big jackpot.vgz23 chapter 3 ending.vgz24 gypsy dance.vgz25 inn.vgz26 gypsy trip.vgz27 departure.vgz28 expanding the sea map.vgz29 chapter 4 ending.vgz30 elegy.vgz31 homeland.vgz32 encounter.vgz33 cursed tower.vgz34 sages stone.vgz35 wagon wheels march.vgz36 padequia seed.vgz37 disease restoration.vgz38 balloon flight.vgz39 flute of uncovering.vgz40 the unknown castle.vgz41 horn of baron.vgz42 vicious thing.vgz43 incarnation of evil.vgz44 finale - guiding people.vgz45 colosseum stand (without intro).vgz46 church.vgz47 curse.vgz