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Result for Yuichi Toyama (Healthy Toyama)

[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBrave Blade2000Eighting / Raizing
[Handheld] Game Gear GameGG Aleste [Model T-66017]1991Compile
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameGreat Mahou Daisakusen [Green Board]2000Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameKingdom Grandprix1994Eighting / Raizing
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameShippuu Mahou Daisakusen - Kingdom-Grandprix1994Eighting / Raizing
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameSoukyugurentai1996Raizing
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameTerra Diver1996Raizing