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Results for Tanida

[Console] Famicom GameGuardic Gaiden [Model IF-08]1987Irem Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GamePang Pom's1992Metro Corp.
[Handheld] Game Boy GamePocket Puyo Puyo 2 [Model DMG-APYJ-JPN]1996Compile
[Console] PlayStation GamePuyo Puyo 2 Ketteiban [Model SLPS-00530]1996Compile
[Handheld] Game Gear GamePuyo Puyo 2 [Model T-66037]1994Compile
[Console] PlayStation GamePuyo Puyo Sun Ketteiban [Model SLPS-01080]1997Compile
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameRockman - The Power Battle [B-Board 91634B-2]1995Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Console] PC-Engine CD GameSeirei Senshi Spriggan [Model NXCD1004]1991Naxat Soft. [Japan]
[Console] Super Famicom GameSuper Aleste [Model SHVC-AT]1992Toho Co., Ltd. [Japan]