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Nis worked on:
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game1 on 1 - One on One Government2000Tecmo, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game1941 - Counter Attack [B-Board 89625B-1]1990Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Console] Supergraphx Game1941 - Counter Attack [Model HC91048]1991Hudson Soft [Hudson Group] [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game19XX - The War Against Destiny [Green Board]1996Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Computer] Adam Floppy Disk2010 - The Ultimate Text Adventure [Model 7849/9659]1985Coleco Industries, Inc. [Amsterdam, NY, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game720┬░1986Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
[Console] Atari 2600 GameAcid Drop1992Salu, Ltd.
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAcrobat Mission [Model AM91073]1991Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAcrobatic Dog-Fight1984Data East USA, Inc. [San Jose, CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAkai Katana2010Cave Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAlien vs. Predator [Green Board]1994Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAliens [Model GX875]1990Konami Industry Co., Ltd. [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] PinballApollo 131995Sega Pinball, Inc. [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAqua Rush1999Namco, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameArt of Fighting - Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden [Model NGM-096]1996SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameASO II - Last Guardian [Model NGM-007]1991SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAsura Blade - Sword of Dynasty1998Fuuki Co., Ltd. [Kyoto, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAsura Buster - Eternal Warriors2000Fuuki Co., Ltd. [Kyoto, Japan]
[Console] Atari 2600 GameAtlantis [Model IA3203]1982Imagic, Inc. [Los Gatos, CA, USA]
[Console] Intellivision GameAtlantis [Model IM7203]1982Imagic, Inc. [Los Gatos, CA, USA]
[Console] Famicom GameAttack Animal Gakuen [Model PNF-AA(R55V5913)]1987Pony Canyon, Inc. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAurail1990Sega Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Vending MachineAutomatic Vending Machine1897Ennis [Henry J. Ennis] [Washington, DC, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAvalanche1978Atari, Inc. [Sunnyvale, CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballBack to the Future1990Data East Pinball [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
[Computer] C64 SoftwareBadlands1990Domark Group, Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBadlands1990Domark Group, Ltd.
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBakumatsu Rouman - Gekka no Kenshi [Model NGM-234]1997SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBakumatsu Rouman Dai-ni Maku - Gekka no Kenshi: Tsuki ni Saku Hana, Chiriyuku Hana [Model NGM-243]1998SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Osaka, Japan]
[Console] PC-Engine GameBarunba [Model NC90003]1990Namco, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBattle Circuit [Green Board]1997Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBattle Field1987SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBattle Lane! Vol. 51986Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBeastorizer1997Eighting / Raizing
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Gamebeatmania CORE REMIX2000Konami Corp. [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Gamebeatmania featuring Dreams Come True2000Konami Co., Ltd. [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBehind Enemy Lines1997Sega Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBig Bang - Power Shooting1993NMK
[Coin-Op] PinballBig Bang Bar [Model BIG3003-US]1996Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. [Arlington Heights, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBig Tournament Golf1996Nazca Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] PinballBlackwater 100 [No. 0H07]1988Bally Midway Mfg. Co. [Franklin Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBlazing Tornado1994Human Amusement
[Console] PC-Engine CD GameBlood Gear [Model HCD4048]1994Hudson Soft [Hudson Group] [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBloody Roar1997Eighting / Raizing
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBloody Roar 2 - Bringer of The New Age1998Eighting / Raizing
[Console] PC-Engine GameBomber Man '93 [Model HC92061]1992Hudson Soft [Hudson Group] [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBoogie Wings1992Data East Corp. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Console] Virtual Boy GameBound High! [Model VUE-VBHE-JPN]1996Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBreaker's1996Visco Corp. [Kyoto, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBreaker's Revenge1998Visco Corp. [Kyoto, Japan]
[Coin-Op] PinballBreakshot [Model 3584]1996Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. [Arlington Heights, IL, USA]
[Console] PC-Engine CD GameBrowning [Model TJCD1020]1991Riot [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBubble Bobble1986Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBucky O'Hare [Model GX173]1992Konami Co., Ltd. [Osaka, Japan]
[Console] Intellivision GameBump 'n' Jump [Model 4688]1983Mattel Electronics
[Console] PC-Engine GameBurning Angels [Model NX90008]1990Naxat Soft [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBurning Rival1993Sega Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareButch - Hard Guy1987Advanced Software Promotions
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCadillacs Kyouryuu Shin Seiki [B-Board 91634B]1993Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Console] CD-i GameCaesars World of Boxing [Model 810 0143]1993Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCalifornia Speed1998Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCapcom Sports Club [Green Board]1997Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCapcom Vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 20012001Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCapcom World 2 - Adventure Quiz [B-Board 89625B-1]1992Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCaptain America and the Avengers1991Data East Corp. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCaptain Commando [B-Board 91634B-2]1991Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCarnEvil1998Midway Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Console] PC-Engine CD GameCD Denjin Rockabilly Tengoku [Model HCD3049]1993Hudson Soft [Hudson Group] [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameChaos Heat1998Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Handheld] Game Gear GameChicago Syndicate [Model 2535]1995Sega Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Console] Super Famicom GameChoujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie [Model SHVC-M9]1993Zamuse
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameChoujin Gakuen Gowcaizer1995Technos Japan Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameChoukou Senki Kikaioh1998Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Handheld] Game Gear GameChuck Rock [Model G-2430]1992Sega Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] PinballCirqus Voltaire1997Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCobra-Command1988Data East Corp. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameContinental Circus1987Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Console] Famicom GameContra [Model RC826]1988Konami Industry Co., Ltd. [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCrime Fighters 2 [Model GX081]1991Konami Industry Co., Ltd. [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCruis'n USA1994Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCruis'n World1996Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Console] PC-Engine GameCyber Core [Model AI-02001]1990IGS Corp. [Information Global Service]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCyber-Lip [Model NGM-010]1990SNK Corp. [Shin Nihon Kikaku] [Osaka, Japan]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareCyberball1990Domark Group, Ltd.
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCyberbots - Fullmetal Madness [Green Board]1995Capcom Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Handheld] Game Gear GameDaffy Duck in Hollywood [Model 2550]1994Sega Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameDan-Ku-Ga1994Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Console] Super Famicom GameDarius Twin [Model SHVC-DT]1991Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameDavis Cup1973Taito Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] PinballDemolition Man1994Williams Electronics Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameDirt-Bike1977Atari, Inc. [Sunnyvale, CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballDisney Pirates of the Caribbean2006Stern Pinball, Inc. [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameDog-Fight - Batten O'Hara no Sucharaka Kuuchuu-sen1984Technos Japan Corp. [Japan]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameDolphin Blue2003Sammy Corp. [Japan]
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