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[Console] Nintendo 64 Game007 - The World Is Not Enough [Model NUS-N07E-USA]2000Electronic Arts [Redwood City, CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge1995Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum Software3D Bat Attack [Model SP01-01]1984Cheetahsoft
[Computer] ZX Spectrum Software3D Combat Zone1983Artic Computing, Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum Software3D Starfighter [Model 2058]1988Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
[Computer] CPC Cassette3D Starfighter [Model 3059]1987Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
[Computer] ZX Spectrum Software4 Minute Warning1984Magination Soft.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareA View to a Kill - The Computer Game1985Domark Group, Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareACE 20881989Cascade Games, Ltd.
[Machine] ComputerAcorn Electron1983Acorn Computer, Ltd. [Cambridge, England, UK]
[Console] Super NES GameAddams Family Values [Model SNS-VY-USA]1995Ocean Soft., Ltd.
[Console] Mega Drive GameAddams Family Values [Model T-164046-50]1995Ocean Soft., Ltd.
[Handheld] GBA GameAdvance Guardian Heroes [Model AGB-BAGJ]2004SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. [Tokyo, Japan]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAdvanced Pinball Simulator [Model 2091]1988Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
[Computer] CPC CassetteAdvanced Pinball Simulator [Model 3090]1988Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAdventure 11982Abersoft
[Console] Super NES GameAero the Acro-Bat 2 [Model SNS-AE2E-USA]1994SUNSOFT [Sun Electronics div.] [Kounan, Japan]
[Console] Genesis GameAero the Acro-Bat 2 [Model T-15166]1994SUNSOFT [Sun Corp. of America] [Elk Grove Village, IL, USA]
[Console] Super NES GameAero the Acro-Bat [Model SNS-XB-USA]1993SUNSOFT [Sun Electronics div.] [Kounan, Japan]
[Console] Genesis GameAero the Acro-Bat [Model T-15056]1993SUNSOFT [Sun Corp. of America] [Elk Grove Village, IL, USA]
[Computer] CPC CassetteAfter Burner [Model UQK 588]1988Mediagenic, Ltd. [Activision division]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAfterburner [Model URK 588]1988Activision, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameAidyn Chronicles - The First Mage [Model NUS-NAYE-USA]2000T-HQ, Inc.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAlcatraz 2 - The Doomsday Mission1984Mastertronic, Ltd. [UK]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAlcatraz Harry [Model IS 0037]1984Mastertronic, Ltd. [UK]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAlien Attack [Model ACE 006]1983Advanced Computer Ent.
[Console] Super NES GameAlien³ [Model SNS-A3-USA]1993LJN, Ltd.
[Handheld] Game Gear GameAlien³ [Model T-81048]1992Arena
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameAll Star Tennis '99 [Model NUS-NTNE-USA]1999Ubi Soft
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAlligator Hunt1994Gaelco
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAlpine Games [Model AT 336]1987Atlantis Soft.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAltered Beast1989Activision, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameAmbush1983Tecfri
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareAnfractuos1987Players Soft.
[Console] Super NES GameAnimaniacs [Model SNS-ANCE-USA]1994Konami Co., Ltd. [Osaka, Japan]
[Console] Genesis GameAnimaniacs [Model T-95176]1994Konami Co., Ltd. [Osaka, Japan]
[Coin-Op] PinballApollo 131995SEGA Pinball, Inc. [Melrose Park, IL, USA]
[Console] Saturn GameArea 51 [Model T-9705H]1996Midway Home Ent.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareArkanoid1987Imagine Soft.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareArkanoid - Revenge of Doh1988Imagine Soft.
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameArmorines - Project S.W.A.R.M. [Model NUS-NARE-USA]1999Acclaim Ent., Inc. [Glen Cove, NY, USA]
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameArmy Men - Sarge's Heroes [Model NUS-NAME-USA]19993DO Co., The
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameAsteroids Hyper 641999Crave Ent., Inc.
[Computer] C64 SoftwareAtomic Robo-Kid1989Activision, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] Trade StimulatorAutomatic Trade Clock1903Jones Machine Shop [W.C. Jones] [Niantic, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Trade StimulatorAutomatic Wizard Clock1904Jones Machine Shop [W.C. Jones] [Niantic, IL, USA]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBack to the Future [Model URK 605/IN1]1985Electric Dreams Soft.
[Coin-Op] PinballBad Girls [Model 717]1988Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBall Breaker1987CRL Group PLC [London, England]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBall Breaker II1988CRL Group PLC [London, England]
[Computer] CPC CassetteBasil The Great Mouse Detective1987Gremlin Graphics Soft., Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBasil the Great Mouse Detective1987Gremlin Graphics Soft., Ltd.
[Console] Super NES GameBASS Masters Classic [Model SNS-ABAE-USA]1995Malibu Games [T-HQ Division]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBatman1986Ocean Soft., Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBatman - The Caped Crusader1988Ocean Soft., Ltd.
[Console] Super NES GameBatman Forever [Model SNP-A3BE-USA]1995Acclaim Ent., Inc. [Glen Cove, NY, USA]
[Handheld] Game Gear GameBatman Forever [Model T-81268]1995Acclaim Ent., Inc. [Glen Cove, NY, USA]
[Computer] C64 SoftwareBattle Command1991Ocean Soft., Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBattle Command1990Ocean Soft., Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBattle of the Planets1986Mikro-Gen [UK]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBear Bovver [Model ACS 086]1983Artic Computing, Ltd.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBeatcha [Model G5008]1984Romik Soft., Ltd.
[Coin-Op] PinballBig Bang Bar [Model BIG3003-US]1996Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. [Arlington Heights, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBig Karnak1991Gaelco
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBig Trouble in Little China [Model URK 618]1987Electric Dreams Soft.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBimbo1983Joe the Lion
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameBio F.R.E.A.K.S. [Model NUS-NBFE-USA]1998Midway Home Ent.
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameBlast Corps [Model NUS-NBCE-USA]1997Nintendo of America, Inc. [USA]
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameBody Harvest [Model NUS-NBHE-USA]1998Gremlin Interactive
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareBonkers1983Procom Soft.
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameBrunswick Circuit Pro Bowling [Model NUS-NOWE-USA]1999T-HQ, Inc.
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameBurglar X1997Unico Electronics Co., Ltd. [Seoul, Korea]
[Console] CD-i GameBURN:CYCLE [Model 810 0114]1994Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareC5 Clive1985Scorpio Gamesworld
[Coin-Op] PinballCactus Jack's [Model 729]1991Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Console] CD-i GameCaesars World of Boxing [Model 810 0143]1993Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameCalifornia Speed [Model NUS-NCLE-USA]1999Midway Home Ent.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareCannibal Island1986LiveWire Soft.
[Console] Super NES GameCannon Fodder1994Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.
[Coin-Op] PinballCar Hop [Model 725]1991Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Console] Nintendo 64 GameCarmageddon 641999Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCarnEvil1998Midway Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareCashcade1990Fastback
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareCastle Quest1984Scorpio Gamesworld
[Console] PlayStation 3 GameCatherine [Model BLJM-60215]2011Atlus Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Console] PlayStation 3 GameCatherine [Model BLUS-30428]2011Atlus Co., Ltd. [Japan]
[Console] Mega Drive GameChampions - World Class Soccer1993Flying Edge [England, UK]
[Console] Genesis GameChampionship Pool1993Mindscape, Inc. [Northbrook, IL, USA]
[Handheld] Game Boy GameChampionship Pool [Model DMG-H4-USA]1993Mindscape, Inc. [Northbrook, IL, USA]
[Console] NES GameChampionship Pool [Model NES-P3-USA]1993Mindscape, Inc. [Northbrook, IL, USA]
[Console] Super NES GameChampionship Pool [Model SNS-5P-USA]1993Mindscape, Inc. [Northbrook, IL, USA]
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareChase H.Q.1989Ocean Soft., Ltd.
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameChicken Shift [No. 0B93]1984Bally Sente, Inc. [CA, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballCirqus Voltaire1997Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Handheld] Game Gear GameCJ Elephant Fugitive1991Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareClassic Muncher1987Bubble Bus Soft.
[Computer] ZX Spectrum SoftwareClaws of Despair1986Players Soft.
[Console] Super NES GameClaymates [Model SNS-Y5-USA]1994Interplay
[Coin-Op] Arcade Video GameCliff Hanger1983Stern Electronics, Inc. [Elk Grove Village, IL, USA]
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