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John Trudeau worked on:
[Coin-Op] PinballAce High [Model 700]1985Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballAlien Star [Model 689A]1984Mylstar Electronics, Inc. [Northlake, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballAttila the Hun [Model 260]1984Game Plan, Inc. [Elk Grove Village, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballBlack Rose1992Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballBugs Bunny's Birthday Ball1991Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballCaribbean Cruise1989International Concepts
[Coin-Op] PinballChicago Cubs Triple Play [Model 696]1985Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballCirqus Voltaire1997Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballCongo1995Williams Electronics Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballCreature from the Black Lagoon [No. 20018]1992Bally Midway Mfg. Co. [Franklin Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballDeadly Weapon [Model 724]1990Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballExcalibur [Model 715]1988Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballGenesis [Model 705]1986Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballGlobal Warfare [Model 240]1981Game Plan, Inc. [Elk Grove Village, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballGold Wings [Model 707]1986Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballHollywood Heat [Model 703]1986Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballIce Fever [Model 695]1985Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballJudge Dredd1993Midway Mfg. Co. [Schiller Park, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballKrull [Model 676]1983Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballMonte Carlo [Model 708]1987Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballNight Moves1989International Concepts
[Coin-Op] PinballQ*Bert's Quest [Model 677]1983Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballRaven [Model 702]1986Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballRobo-War [Model 714]1988Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballRock Encore [Model 704]1986Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballRock [Model 697]1985Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballRocky [Model 672]1982Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballSilver Slugger [Model 722]1990Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballSpirit [Model 673]1982Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballSpring Break [Model 706]1987Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballStriker [Model 675]1982Gottlieb & Co. [D. Gottlieb] [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballTag-Team Pinball [Model 698]1985Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballThe Flintstones1994Williams Electronics Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballThe Games [Model 691]1984Mylstar Electronics, Inc. [Northlake, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballThe Machine - Bride of Pin*Bot1991Williams Electronics Games, Inc. [Chicago, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballTouchdown [Model 688]1984Mylstar Electronics, Inc. [Northlake, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballTX-Sector [Model 712]1988Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]
[Coin-Op] PinballVictory [Model 710]1987Premier Technology Co. [Bensenville, IL, USA]

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