Top GunneR

The Arcade Video Game by Injoy Motion Corp.

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Not emulated in MAME Coin-Operated Arcade Video Game

Top GunneR © 2010 Injoy Motion Corp.

In the year 1944, days before the German troops were numbered, the Allied intelligence reports revealed that the German troops were reluctant to surrender because they held a very secret weapon. To confirm the above intelligence, we, as the assigned 'task force', sneaked into the heart of Germany, and were ambushed, resulting in just one airplane and carrier that survived the ambush - Could our secret task force break the siege and win?


Top GunneR the  Arcade Video Game
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Top Gunner 42" Monitor Dimensions :
Height: 83", Width: 79", Depth: 80", Weight: 1635 Lbs

Top Gunner 55" Monitor Dimensions :
Height: 86", Width: 83", Depth: 87", Weight: 1655 Lbs

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