The Phantom of the Opera

The Pinball by Data East Pinball

[Coin-Op] Pinball

The Phantom of the Opera © 1990 Data East Pinball.

Classic Thriller Unveiled!
Data East Version 2
Model Number : 08

Main CPU : M6808 (@ 1 MHz)
Sound CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound chips : Yamaha YM2151 (@ 3.579545 MHz), OKI MSM5205 (@ 384 KHz)
2,750 units were produced.

'The Phantom of the Opera' was a French novel by Gaston Leroux (1868-1927), first published in 1910. Many film and stage productions have been adapted from it, over the years.
Designers : Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula
Artwork : Paul Faris
Software : Lonnie D. Ropp
Music and Sounds : Kyle Johnson
Game's ROM.

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