Street Racer [Model T-177016-50]

The Mega Drive Game by Ubi Soft

Street Racer [Model T-177016-50] screenshot


Emulated in MAME ! [Console] Mega Drive Game

Street Racer © 1995 Ubi Soft.


Game ID: T-177016-50


Concept and Design by Vivid Image.

Programming: Harrison Bernardez
Sprite and Memory Routines: Raffaele Cecco
Graphics: Tony West, Stefan Marjoram, Jim McMorrow
Audio Drivers: Krisalis Software
Music: Matt Furniss
Sfx: Matt Furniss
Project Management: Stephane Koenig
Play Testing: Mevlut Dinc, Stephane Koenig, Nejati Dinc, West Bros
Thanks To: Bill Hajee, Vera; Rozenn, UBIsoft France
Produced by: Mevlut Dinc

Game's ROM.

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