Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper [Model ULJM-05082]

The PSP Game by Capcom Co., Ltd.


Not emulated in MAME [Handheld] PSP Game

Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper © 2006 Capcom Company, Limited.

This PSP port of "Street Fighter Zero 3" adds Ingrid to the roster from the Game Boy Advance version, and also adds new game modes such as Variable Battle Mode.


Game ID: ULJM-05082


Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper for PSP was released on January 19, 2006 in Japan.

It was re-released as a CapKore edition [Model ULJM-05225] on January 26, 2007.

It was also released on January 29, 2009 together with "Vampire Chronicle - The Chaos Tower [Model ULJM-05005]" in a Value Pack bundle [Model CPCS-01043] exclusively in Japan.

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