Spike's Peak [Model 99001]

The Atari 2600 Cartridge by Xonox, Inc.


Emulated in MAME ! [Console] Atari 2600 Cartridge

Spike's Peak © 1983 Xonox.

You are Spike, climbing against time. Rather than following the safer way of the path, you may decide to climb the cliff instead... but such a decision will change your speed and your technique. Completing 5 different screens will take you to the top of the mountain, but beware of diving eagles, and hungry bears that hide in darkened caves. You must also watch for rock slides and slippery ice patches... they may send you sliding, perhaps into poisonous mountain cactus. The higher you climb, the colder you'll get So hurry... before you freeze!


Model 99001


Developed by Beck-Tech.

Game's ROM.

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