Silent Scope - Bone Eater

The Arcade Video Game by Konami Digital Ent. Co., Ltd.


Not emulated in MAME Coin-Operated Arcade Video Game

Silent Scope - Bone Eater © 2014 Konami Digital Ent. Co., Ltd.

The next instalment in Konami’s sniper series comes to the arcade to a new generation players, featuring anime style protagonists a male and a female sniper, include networking feature where four machines can be linked up to four-player co-op. The plot this time was set on the future in the year 2050 and 2080 respectively, once again will have to stop the terrorist threat.


Silent Scope - Bone Eater the  Arcade Video Game
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1. Silent Scope (1999)
2. Dark Silhouette - Silent Scope 2 (2000)
3. Silent Scope EX (2001)
4. Silent Scope 3 (2002, Sony PlayStation 2)
5. Silent Scope - Fortune Hunter (2002 - Gambling game also featuring Silent Scope EX)
6. Silent Scope - Bone Eater (2014)

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