Pump It Up Pro 2

The Arcade Video Game by Andamiro Co., Ltd.

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Not emulated in MAME Coin-Operated Arcade Video Game

Pump It Up Pro 2 © 2010 Andamiro.

"Pump It Up Pro 2", the long-awaited sequel to "Pump It Up Pro", is a complete refresh with new songs, features, modes, and graphics.
The compact FX cabinet design features a 42? plasma display, LED visualizers, improved speakers, and proven Andamiro quality dance pads. The USB save system lets players track high scores, play stats, and calories burned. The USB system also allows operators to download and install song packs and feature updates.


Pump It Up Pro 2 the  Arcade Video Game
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Released in February 2010.


1. Pump It Up Pro (2007)
2. Pump It Up Pro 2 (2010)

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Official website: http://www.piupro.com/page/arcade/pump-it-up-pro-2/

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