HA Sangokushi Taisen

The Arcade PCB by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME



HA Sangokushi Taisen © 2010 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

Export version of the game.


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HA Sangokushi Taisen is the first true international release of Sangokushi Taisen. Also known as HAS, the arcade cabinet uses a modified 1.0 software and is upgradable to an equivalent of JPN version 1.1. It is mostly similar to the original 1.0 with the exception of different cards, card changes (i.e. power/intelligence changes), and slight adjustments to the gameplay. Cards are in Chinese instead of Japanese, and cards from the original 1.0 do not work on HAS. Although the cards and voices are in Chinese, the instructions are in English, as well as explanations on the cabinet itself. HAS was available in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as the Schaumburg, Illinois and Seattle, Washington locations of Gameworks.

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