Disney's DuckTales 2 [Model DMG-D7-USA]

The Game Boy Game by Capcom USA, Inc.

Disney's DuckTales 2 [Model DMG-D7-USA] screenshot


Emulated in MAME ! [Handheld] Game Boy Game

Disney's DuckTales 2 © 1993 Capcom USA, Incorporated.

North American release. For more information about the game itself, see the original Japanese release entry; "Disney's DuckTales 2 [Model DMG-Z2J]" (see trivia for more info about this).


Cartridge ID: Model DMG-D7-USA
Package ID: Model DMG-P-D7


The game was originally developed in Japan but was firstly released in USA in November 1993, and then in Japan next month.

Game's ROM.
Game's screenshots.

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