Check Man

The Arcade Video Game by Jaleco Co., Ltd.


Emulated in MAME ! Coin-Operated Arcade Video Game

Check Man © 1982 Jaleco Company, Limited. [Japan Leisure].


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Commercial remakes on home computer : Danger UXB by Micropower on the BBC Micro/Acorn Electron.

Also released by Zilec-Zenitone outside Japan.


Clearing a square by walking over it: 10 points.
Collecting flags: 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 points etc.
Defusing a bomb with 50-60 seconds remaining: 3,000 points.
Defusing a bomb with 40-49 seconds remaining: 2,500 points.
Defusing a bomb with 30-39 seconds remaining: 2,000 points.
Defusing a bomb with 20-29 seconds remaining: 1,500 points.
Defusing a bomb with 10-19 seconds remaining: 1,000 points.
Defusing a bomb with 1-9 seconds remaining: 500 points.


• Collect all of the flags on the early levels as there is no great threat from the boots.

• Scroll bombs to the opposite edge of the screen so you can easily collect them and move back to your starting side.

• At the start of each level you get a few seconds where the boots can not move. Make use of this time to get to the first bomb.

• If two bombs are ticking down, get the closest one first unless the other is much closer to exploding.

• Move the floor away from boots to trap them.

• If you trap a boot on a single square, you can move the square away from underneath it, trapping it on empty space.


Designed and programmed by: Peter Hughes, Duncan Shortland, Malcolm Mailer
Music by: Robin Cartwright



Commodore C64 (1983, "Grid Trap")

Game's ROM.

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