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Somewhere in the arcade, there is a machine that lives under a flickering light, hardly ever played but by those who know of its existence. Captain America and The Avengers is a game that not only allows you to pound the hell out of well known villains from the Marvel Universe, but you can do so with up to four people playing. Featuring dashing attacks, special moves and other various combinations, you punch and kick your way out of several stages of enemy bashing goodness that is strangely familiar of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games!

The Game Play
What you have here is a game in which you take control of one of four different Avengers and set off to stop several different enemies from taking control of the city and more over, the world. While the story line that is set really doesn't do much, the action that you find in the game does tend to keep you pumping quarters into the game. Each of the four super heroes have special powers that can be unleashed at different times in order to blow away your opposition and keep yourself alive. Through successful battles, you'll be able to pound out high scores and progress through several different stages.

Control in this game really isn't all that hard to figure out with your two dominant buttons being that of an attack and a jump. Push the attack button several times and pound on the enemy. In all reality, it is as simple as it gets and anyone with enough experience in the action games should have no trouble getting through all of the stages on just a couple of bucks. The difficulty that you may find in the game is with some of the bosses, all of which require some sort of strategy to take out, all of which you'll have to figure out through experimentation!

The Visuals
Clean and crisp, there is plenty of detail in between the main characters, the usual bands of thugs and the bosses that inhabit each and every stage. The detail on the stages will take through city streets and various locations while taking on exceptionally well designed bosses such as the Juggernaut and Ultron. Other various bosses will appear as will the different assistance characters like Wonder Man and Quicksilver. Some of the more impressive visuals in the game come from the characters that attack. Iron Man blasts away with repulsor blasts while Hawkeye zings the enemies with ranged arrows!

The Audio
The music that you find here has plenty of action themes to it to keep you running through all five stages. The bosses taunt you and call for you to come and attack them, while the sound effects themselves have some punch to them. Thuds and groans as well as the body thumping crunches when you toss the enemies aside all come up and over the music, making for a rather interesting blend of both music and effects. Most arcade machines are set quiet though, so you may have to strain in order to hear what is going on in the game!

Why you might not like this game:
It's an older game that features some things that you've played in more modernized action games. While the action itself really isn't all that hard to get into, it is a difficult game to complete with some of the bosses having the cheapest moves to attack you with. The cost of the quarters to finish the game is relatively light, but once you've been through the game once, there is no reason to run back through other than to beat the game with one of the other three characters!

The Verdict
Not the most scientifically sound game that I've ever played, Captain America has that one saving grace that keeps it above average. With the ability to play four characters on the screen at any given time, with no slow down in the visuals or in the action goes long way in arcade machines. Through this game isn't as visually sound as The Simpson's or X-Men, there is plenty going for it to warrant dumping a couple of bucks into the machine if you can find one at the local arcade!
Drew Guirey