Capcom Puzzle World [Model ULUS-10217]

The Sony PSP Game by Capcom Co., Ltd.


Not emulated in MAME [HANDHELD] Sony PSP Game

Capcom Puzzle World © 1997 Capcom Company, Limited.

Compilation of 5 Capcom titles for the Sony PlayStation Portable :
"Block Block" (Arcade)
"Buster Bros." (Arcade)
"Buster Buddies" (Arcade)
"Super Buster Bros." (Arcade)
"Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo" (PlayStation)


Game ID: ULUS-10217


Capcom Puzzle World for PSP was released on February 6, 2007 in North America.

It was subsequently released on the PlayStation Network on October 22, 2009. It was then re-issued on December 11, 2012 as a Favorites edition [Model ULUS-10217FV].

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