APB - All Points Bulletin


The [Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game by Atari Games Corp. [Milpitas, CA, USA]

[Coin-Op] Arcade Video Game

APB - All Points Bulletin © 1987 Atari Games Corporation.

Players take on the role of policeman 'Officer Bob' as he takes to his patrol car and drives the streets in pursuit of lawbreakers. The object of the game is to meet (or preferably exceed) the daily quota of 'busts', as he tries to catch a variety of law-breakers.

Along the way, players must refuel their patrol car (by driving through filling stations) as well as meeting targets within a set time limit. Any accidental collisions or running over of pedestrians will result in the player earning 'de-merits', while a 'perfect day' will earn bonuses, with further bonuses awarded for each arrest made that exceeds the daily quota. Picking up donuts extends the time limit for a day.
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The cabinet looks like a police patrol car and the top marquee is a red/blue light bar that flashes when you push the siren button. A simple platform seat can be attached to the cabinet to make a sit-down type game.

Cabinet dimensions : 73.75" (187cm) High x 25.5" (65cm) Wide x 34" (86cm) Deep.
Cabinet with seat dimensions : 73.75" (187cm) High x 25.5" (65cm) Wide x 56" (142cm) Deep.

Game ID : 136051

Runs on the "Atari System 2" hardware.

Players: 1
Control: steering wheel, accelerator pedal
Buttons: 2
APB was released in July 1987. The game enjoyed moderate success in the marketplace, as most Atari games did. It's high-resolution graphics and novel cabinet design, with the flashing lights atop, added to it's initial appeal.

2000 units were produced in the USA. the selling price was $2995.

APB was Dave Theurer's last game at Atari Games. He went on to work on the 'DeBabelizer' for Macromedia with other Atari alumni. Other games by Dave include "Missile Command", "Tempest" and "I, Robot".

Greg Gibson holds the record for this game with 1002324 points on January 23, 1988.
Warp : When you start a new game, you may press the Siren button and start to get a Level 1-8 warp, or press Gun+Siren and start to get a Level 1-16 warp.

High scores scrolling : Right on the joystick to scroll down and Left to scroll up.

During the preliminary level where you have to 'arrest' cones, to beat the timer and get the bonus after you arrest enough cones you can do a 180 and return to the start the way you came.

'SPOILER' All criminals :
day 03 Day 03, FREDDY FREAK, Small town USA bar (1000 dollars)
day 05 Day 05, CANDY GOODBODY, Dead man Corner bar (2000 dollars)
day 07 Day 07, BERNIE GASMAN, Highway 20 Forest Bar (3000 dollars)
day 09 Day 09, PHILLIP FUSE, Highway 30 overpass (4000 dollars)
day 11 Day 11, COOL HAND DUKE, Highway 00 in drinkerstown (5000 dollars)
day 13 Day 13, BUZZ GEIGER, Highway 40 past GasnGrub (6000 dollars)
day 15 Day 15, JOE KORNCOB, Highway 44 near GasnGrub (7000 dollars)
day 17 Day 17, LUIGI DE MUCCIO, Highway 50 at Milk Toast (8000 dollars)
day 19 Day 19, DICK SLOB, Highway 70 near aquaduct (9000 dollars)
day 21 Day 21, IGGY DINGDONG, Highway 70 (10000 dollars)
day 23 Day 23, JUAN FINGERS, Highway 70 Alpine Flats (11000 dollars)
day 25 Day 25, HANS OOP, Highway 99 Cactus Falls (12000 dollars)
day 27 Day 27, FAKE FRANK, Highway 10 Police Station (13000 dollars)
day 29 Day 29, SID SNIPER, Highway 70 overpass (14000 dollars)
day 31 Day 31, BILLY BOB JACK, Highway 50 near bar (15000 dollars)


Atari Lynx europe (1991)
Atari Lynx usa (1991) "A.P.B. [Model PA2042]"
Sony PlayStation 2 [AU] (2004) "Midway Arcade Treasures 2"
Microsoft XBOX usa (October 11, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasures 2 [Model MWO-3201W]"
Nintendo GameCube usa (October 11, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasures 2 [Model DOL-GAYE-USA]"
Sony PlayStation 2 usa (October 11, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasure 2 [Model SLUS-20997]"
Microsoft XBOX europe (October 29, 2004) "Midway Arcadee Treasures 2"
Sony PlayStation 2 europe (October 29, 2004) "Midway Arcade Treasure 2 [Model SLES-52844]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 usa (November 6, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins"
Sony PlayStation 3 usa (November 6, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins [Model BLUS-31083]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 europe (November 15, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins"
Sony PlayStation 3 europe (November 15, 2012) "Midway Arcade Origins [Model BLES-01768]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [Games on Demand] usa europe [AU] (August 13, 2013) "Midway Arcade Origins"


Commodore C64 europe (1989)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum europe (1989)
Atari ST europe (1989)
Amstrad CPC europe (1989)
Commodore Amiga europe (1989)
PC [MS-DOS] usa (1989)
PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] usa (February 17, 2006) "Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition"
PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] europe (March 17, 2006) "Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition" by Zoo Digital Publishing
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